Al Dual´s "Blue´s Back in Town" 7inches Vinyl Record Artworks by Graphic-O-Rama

Al Dual´s "Blue´s Back in Town" Videoclip by Graphic-O-Rama

"Blue´s Back in Town"
2017 Videoclip
B&W · English · 02:48 · 1080p

Guitar player & singer Al Dual´s first videoclip as a portrait of his music and personality. His face and his expressions, his diction and especially his fingerpicking in the frets of guitar presenting this cardiac rockabilly theme. The Band: Al Dual, Voice & Lead Guitar Mila Rodriguez, Rhythm Guitar Alfonso Múgica, Doublebass Javier Sarmentero, Drummer. Music and lyrics © A. Dual. Recorded in Geek Studios by Anne, Madrid. Mixed by Jorge Perez at Moma Musicestudio, Valencia. Assistants: Jacobo Cardells & Pedro Olcina. Mastered by Andrew Darby at Georgetown Masters, Nashville. Imagemaker © 2017 Antonio Alay, Madrid. Published by El Toro Records, Barcelona

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Al Dual´s "Blue´s Back in Town" 2nd Edition by Graphic-O-Rama
Al Dual´s "Blue´s Back in Town" 2nd Edition Sleeve ( not released ) by Graphic-O-Rama
Ameripolitan Music Awards Promocional Artwork by Graphic-O-Rama
Al Dual © 2017 Antonio Alay · All rights reserved

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